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Plan2Succeed is a personal wealth app that helps you manage and monitor your financial world in the one place. Once you download the app, you can be connected to your finances in just minutes.

And with bank level security, your data has never been safer.

So, take control of your finances and download the Plan2Succeed app today.

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What features are available with Plan2Succeed?

Data Collection

  • Give yourself greater control with up-to-date access to all your financial information, including all your assets and liabilities – bank accounts, credit cars, properties, cars, loans and mortgages

Cash Flow

  • Keep track of your cash flow with the auto categorisation of spending and expenses

Digital Document Signing

  • Save time and paper by signing those important docuemnts digitally on any device


  • Have a financial goal? Achieve it with our Goals feature, which helps you budget to reach it

Connect to a Professional

  • Plan2Succeed can provide your accountant or financial professional with valuable data that they can use to assist you

Tax Time

  • Make time easy with all your financial data and documents stored securely in the cloud

App Portal Features

The Plan2Succeed Portal provides all the necessary features for proficient wealth management in one easily accessible hub, allowing users to always stay in control.

Portal Features

Take control with your personal wealth portal

Everything in one place
All your assets and liabilities are conveniently in one place so you can see everything you need at once. Link all your accounts and more.

Auto-categorised to easily see where you are spending your money. Tag and filter to personalise, manage & reflect your life. Automatically set reports to monitor spending.

Wealth check snapshots
Track your wealth with monthly snapshots & summaries of all you own and owe. See your future wealth projections, review your financial priorities & receive a personalised action plan.

Budget is a breeze
Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Take control with instant budgets created around your spending and set limits on categories.

Property and vehicle information
Live data feeds and free valuations track the performance of your property and vehicles.

All the latest data
Updates from Australia’s leading data providers ensure your information is always up to date.

Portal: Key Features

No more paper trails
Cut out paperwork. Forms are automatically completed for you where possible. Get sorted by uploading important documents (e.g. receipts, wills, contracts etc.) You can also view and manage all your insurance.

Build your A-team
Give guest access to those in your financial world you trust like your accountant, property manager or even your lawyer Your portal enables you to select what they can view, change or control.

Tax time? Piece of cake!
The end of the financial year and the end of stress! With the ability to tag & filter transactions as tax items, upload receipts & documents or allow your accountant access to do it all for you.

Manage your property
Send a request to your property manager to integrate your property & receive free benefits like property transactions, documents & receipts uploaded online. You’ll also have access to special commands to help manage your property effectively.

All devices. All the time
Time is money and if there are decisions to be made you want to know your financial position in real time. Whether you are on desktop, tablet or smart phone, you’ll have access to your entire financial world whenever you need it, 24/7.

Stay in control
Get sorted and be in control. Set & receive notifications, goals and use the calculator to stay on track to achieve your targets quickly. Your saving goals couldn’t get any easier as the goal calculator enables you watch your money grow.

Digital Signing

Plan2Succeed allows users to sign any form of documentation electronically, whilst simultaneously storing the documents within the database, providing clients with a seamlessly integrated and secure platform.

The Plan2Succeed Portal provides all the necessary features for proficient wealth management in one easily accessible hub, allowing users to always stay in control.

Introducing digital document signing

Go paperless with digital document signing

Digital signatures are a quick, easy and secure way to sign important documents from your adviser

Anytime, anywhere
At home or on the go, sign documents on your desktop, tablet or mobile from your personal wealth portal.

Store everything in one place
Sign then store your documents in the cloud for easy access. Your data is secure and you can enable multi-factor authentication on your wealth portal for further peace of mind.

Save time
Say goodbye to last minute printer hangups and rush hour at the post office. Read, sign, confirm and send in just a few seconds with a click of your mouse (or finger).

Never miss a deadline
Download the wealth portal app to get notifications, and never miss a deadline for important documents. No app? No problem – you’ll also receive email reminders.

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